The Magic Cookie Formula for Gluten-Free Bakers

Who doesn’t love cookies? They’re portable, easy to make, and great gifts for just about any occasion. Whether you love chocolate, cinnamon, or are more of a plain sugar cookie person, I’ve got a cookie recipe for you.


There are 32 recipes in this book. And the best part? They are all free of gluten, dairy, and eggs. Just because you have a sensitivity to certain foods does not mean you should miss out on yummy treats. And now you can make them in your very own kitchen!

Take a Seat! Thoughts + Recipes on Finding Home and Making Room

No matter who we are or where we’ve come from, don’t we all long for home, a place of belonging? Over and over again the Bible paints this picture: God has prepared a feast for us. He is calling out to everyone, “Come, eat, enjoy!” He is pulling out a chair at His table. We just have to say yes. Once we become part of God’s family, we get to make room at the table for others, too.


How do we create a welcoming place in our hearts, homes, and spaces? How do we show love and care even for those who are different from us? In this book, Heather Dillard shares what it looks like to accept God’s invitation. She gives real-life stories and practical tips about creating a welcoming place and making room for others. Come, take a seat! All are welcome at the table.

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