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All menu items are gluten-free and dairy-free!
(V) = Vegan

baci di dama.png

Baci di Dama (V)

Bite-sized Italian hazelnut cookies sandwiched with dark chocolate. Boxed set comes with 10 sandwich cookies.

$16 per box

gluten free cookie.png

Dark Chocolate Chip (V)

An almond flour cookie with DF choc chips, sweetened with coconut palm sugar. 

$22 per dozen

gluten free cookie.png

Snickerdoodles (V)

An almond flour cookie, sweetened with pure maple syrup, topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon. 

$16 per dozen

gluten free cookie.png

Cranberry Granola (V)

Whole food ingredients,  sweetened with pure maple syrup. 

$33 per dozen


Iced Sugar Cookies (V)

Classic sugar cookie topped with vanilla buttercream & sprinkles. 

$16 per half dozen

$30 per dozen

Classic Chocolate Chip UPDATED.png

Classic Choc Chip (V)

Soft inside and slightly crunchy on the edges, with dairy-free dark chocolate chips. 

$16 per dozen

gluten free cookie.png

Oatmeal Creams (V)

Vanilla buttercream sandwiched with two soft oatmeal cookies.

$33 per dozen

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