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Get one-on-one help for your gluten-free journey

  • Are you new to gluten-free eating?

  • Do you have a child or other family member who has been recently diagnosed with celiac disease?

  • Do you need to help knowing how to stock your kitchen with foods that are safe AND still delicious?

  • Are you overwhelmed with figuring out how to feed your family gluten-free?

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Maybe you are:

desperate to figure out how you and your family are going to eat and live gluten free after a recent diagnosis?

 frustrated with the resources you've found online so far?


currently in a “flare up,” and wondering if a gluten-free lifestyle is for you? 

overwhelmed with the perceived limitations of your diagnosis?

If this is you, and you feel like you need some extra support in navigating this journey of gluten-free eating (and maybe the emotions that go with it), this option is just for you!

Having been gluten-free since 2011, and with a previous ten-year background in the counseling field, I understand the connections between our brain, learning to listen to our bodies, food issues, attachment, and trauma.

I used to think that gluten-free eating was restrictive. But now that I've learned to embrace this lifestyle and have a "happy gut," I know that this life can be full of joy, fun, and possibilities. 

I want to help you find hope and help you see that the good life is ahead of you, not behind you. 💚

You will be able to:

eat foods you love again

learn how you and your family can eat out at restaurants

get tips for making your favorite family recipes gluten-free

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Set up a private 45-minute Zoom meeting with me (Heather) to:

Find out what foods to keep in your kitchen and what needs to go

Brainstorm and map out meal plan ideas

Get tips for eating out at restaurants--what to ask, what to look for, and what to avoid

Receive practical and emotional support as you adjust to a "new normal"

Schedule future meetings as needed for follow up

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