Wolfforth Barn Assistant

Part Time

5-7 hours per week

Pay starting at $50 per week, with potential for increase


Do you live in the Lubbock/Wolfforth area? Are you looking for a unique way to be involved in your community and grow in your entrepreneurship skills? DBB is looking for one or two Barn Assistants to work at their barn space at the Wolfforth Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. This is a year-round market, so team members need to be prepared to work in all kinds of weather. You will be the “face” of DBB in the Wolfforth/Lubbock area, and a reflection of the culture of DBB. Your regular meetings with Heather will be essential in staying in line with DBB’s core values and interacting with customers as a good fit with DBB’s desired culture. This is a great opportunity to work with many other local vendors at a fast-growing venue. You will need to have good people skills, as well as be able to manage details such as handling money transactions.


Lots of people think that gluten-free food doesn’t taste good. But at Desert Bloom Bakery, we aim to not only create delicious baked goods, but also to let people know that they matter. DBB serves many Lubbock area customers who are gluten free, dairy free, vegan, or just trying to eat healthier. Many people with food restrictions feel like they’re missing out. By serving delicious treats with a smile, you will help people know that they belong and are welcome here.


Key Areas of Responsibility:

  •  Learn the core values of DBB, and apply to interactions with team members, customers, and community members.

  • Manage (or co-manage) operations at DBB barn at Wolfforth Farmer’s Market on Saturdays.

  • Set up and take down tent, table, and display on market days

  • Conduct all buying transactions during market days, through Square card reader or cash. Manually record all cash transactions in the Square App.

  • Deposit cash next business day into local Happy State Bank (Heather will give you deposit forms).

  • Make sure all surfaces are disinfected at the beginning of each market shift.

  • Respond to customers’ questions politely and cheerfully

  • Knowledge of what ingredients are in the baked goods (listed on DBB website), as well as being able to answer FAQs about keto, paleo, and vegan questions.

  • Build relationships with customers through meeting their need (ie, free guide), even if they don’t buy right away

  • Continue to grow on a personal level, including the reading (or listening) of assigned books.

  • Be willing to do whatever is needed to get a job done


Skills Needed:

  • Self-motivated

  • Have transportation and be able to drive yourself to and from market (on Saturdays) and the bank (for deposits on Monday/Tuesday).

  • Communicates well, especially with face to face interactions.

  • Has integrity in dealing with money and financial responsibilities.

  • Ready and willing to learn new skills and techniques

  • Positive attitude even when situations are unexpected

  • Able to count back change to customers, and add totals in head or on calculator as needed

  • Able to stand up for hours at a time while serving customers with a smile

  • Able to handle several hours of intense heat (under tent) during summer market days and West Texas wind in all seasons


DBB’s Core Values:

● Create a welcoming place

● Be brave

● Be yourself

● Do your best

● No excuses

● Listen to the Holy Spirit

● Stay curious