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Get one-on-one coaching to start your own home bakery!

  • Have you started a home bakery recently but you still feel stuck? 

  • Do you need individualized help in a certain problem area of your home bakery business?

  • Are you wanting a more specific plan for budgeting and handling your business finances so you can be successful?


If this is you, and you want some one-on-one coaching to help you navigate this world of starting a home bakery business, this option is just for you!

What you'll get:

personalized help in areas where you feel "stuck"

a closer look at your specific home bakery so you will be set up for greater success

an individualized plan if you need help with budgeting


Set up a private 45-minute Zoom coaching call with me (Heather) to:

Get a "deep dive" into topics introduced in the Home Bakery online course

Brainstorm product ideas, if needed

Narrow down your focus for selling 

Get practical tips from someone who has experience "in the trenches" of business

Schedule future meetings as needed for follow up

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