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Your all-in-one online course!

  • Do you want to make money working from home?

  • Are people always asking you for your secret recipes?

  • Do you constantly get asked by family and friends to bake your signature dish?

  • Are you ready to turn your passion for baking into a source of income for your family?


Maybe you are:

wanting to start or have recently started baking out of your home.

 overwhelmed with all the rules for running a home bakery--or don't even know what they are!


desperate to create extra needed income for your family.

seeing a need in your community that your baking can fill, such as specialized eating lifestyles. 

If you said yes to these questions, this online course is just for you!

I've run a successful home bakery business debt-free since 2018. I know from experience the ins and outs of figuring out how to start one--and keep it going!

You don't have to have a degree in business or be a pastry chef to learn how to run a home bakery, but there are some new skills you may need to learn.

I want to set you up for success! Let me help you take your baking passion and turn it into a source of income to help your family AND serve your community. 

What you'll get:

an easy guide with first steps, from picking a business name to deciding what you're selling.

a checklist to make sure you're following all your local home bakery laws.

tips for how to manage your money so your business can GROW!

Home Bakery course pic.png

With this course, you will:

Learn how to find the Cottage Food Laws for home bakers in your state

Decide what you are going to sell

Figure out who your ideal customer is and how to reach them

Learn the basics of managing your money so you will continue to have a successful home bakery

Get practical tips from someone who has experience "in the trenches" of business

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